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Bankruptcy is a legal process that can help individuals and families to gain control of their unmanageable debt. In many cases, falling behind on credit card, mortgage, car, and other payments can result in an inability to catch up, leaving you sinking further and further behind, deeper into debt. Bankruptcy or the various alternatives to bankruptcy that are available may be a workable solution to the financial problems you are experiencing.

If you or someone you care about is drowning in debt, the best way to find out what your options are is to speak with a highly competent bankruptcy attorney from our firm about your situation. After a review of the issues you are dealing with, a skilled legal representative can recommend the most advantageous route to take and guide you through the legal aspects of your course of action.

Bankruptcy Cases We Handle

Do I Qualify for Bankruptcy?
If you feel that your finances are crashing down on you and debt is consuming your life, it may be a good idea to consider filing for bankruptcy. After performing a means test and speaking with a legal representative you can determine what the best option is for you and your family.

  • Chapter 7
    This type of bankruptcy is for those who pass the means test and are experiencing drastic amounts of debt. If you have not filed for bankruptcy in the last 6-8 years you may be eligible to have your debt erased in less than 6 months.
  • Chapter 13
    Often called the "wage-earners bankruptcy," this classification of bankruptcy is for those who have the capability to pay their debts back in the form of payments. It does not liquidate all of your hard earned possessions and property and it allows for a more flexible plan to return the money you owe.
  • What Bankruptcy Can and Can't Do
    While filing for bankruptcy can be an excellent option for many people facing tremendous amounts of debts, it has some limitations. Certain financial obligations such as child support or student loans are still required to be paid regardless of your financial situation.
  • Alternatives to Bankruptcy
    Sometimes bankruptcy may not be your best option and other alternatives prove more beneficial to your current situation. In the event that this is the case, an attorney can best guide you through other services such as loan modification, a short sale for your home, debt consolidation, or some other form of negotiation.
  • Bankruptcy Exemptions
    Often one of the biggest concerns when filing bankruptcy is wondering what will happen to your possessions and assets in the process. There are certain exemptions such as vehicles up to $20,000, furnishings, life insurance, burial plots and various other items.
  • Collections Defense
    When it becomes challenging to pay collections agencies back for money spent, they will often be ruthless in their attempt to receive full repayment. They may treat you as if you have no rights in the matter and hound you relentlessly, often giving threats that they have no power to follow through on. It is important you understand that your rights are protected and that you know how to get them to stop their harassment.

Do You Have Questions About The Bankruptcy Process?

  • Creditor Harassment
    The actions of creditors seeking payment are often merciless and tough to have to deal with on top of all the financial issues you may be dealing with. Regardless of their intimidating phone calls or other aggressive comments it is crucial to understand that you have rights that limit the actions they can take.
  • Credit Restoration
    Although it may seem hopeless to ever restore your credit after experiencing exponential debt, it is possible to begin restoring your credit immediately after filing for bankruptcy. It is essential to establish credit soon after filing and to be encouraged that your negative credit will not linger forever.
  • Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure
    When debt creeps in and threatens to take away your home it can leave you with only a few options. In order to keep your home, it may be wise to look into a deed in lieu, which transfers home ownership to a lender so that your mortgage can be cancelled out. It is fairly complex and you will most likely need legal assistance to go through with this process, but it may save your place of residence.
  • Discharging Your Debt
    A process known as liquidation is often the best option to completely clear your debt. In order to qualify for this, you must take the means test. If you meet the requirements then your credit cards debts and any threats of lawsuits or withholding wages.
  • Foreclosure Defense
    If a foreclosure seems eminent, it is crucial to look at your other alternatives which may allow you to keep your property or at least give you an opportunity for a better future. When mortgage payments become too much, it is beneficial to talk to a legal representative about other options other than foreclosure.
  • Loan Modification
    Whether it involves lowering a loan's interest rate or reorganizing it to make the payments more manageable, modifying a loan can help a debtor tremendously. Rather than having to worry about losing your car or home, consider working with the lender to discuss a way to please the bank and maintain your belongings.
  • Means Test
    This test is used to determine which type of bankruptcy you are eligible for. It measures your income compared to the state's median by looking at your disposable income compared to your expenses.
  • Repossessions
    In order to keep your personal belongings from being taken by creditors, it is wise to consider bankruptcy. When loans are not paid back on time, credit agencies can repossess anything from television sets all the way up to something as big as your home.

Are You Ready To become debt-free?

  • Short Sale
    Rather than dealing with the difficulties of having a foreclosure on your home, it may be wise to look at doing a short sale. It involves selling your home at a lower cost than what you owe on your mortgage. The lender then waives the rest of the amount owed and you can avoid having a foreclosure on your record.
  • Wage Garnishment
    Despite your best efforts to make ends meet and pay back credit agencies, there may come a time when you cannot make your payments. If enough time passes where they have not received repayment, it is possible for them to garner 25 percent of your wages with each paycheck. This may only further the debt that you may be caught in.

Filing Bankruptcy in Chico: Local Resources & Support

Filing for bankruptcy can be a daunting process, but residents of Chico have access to a variety of local resources and support systems to help navigate this challenging time. The City of Chico and Butte County offer several programs and services designed to assist individuals facing financial difficulties.

One of the primary concerns for Chico residents is the threat of foreclosure. With the local housing market being competitive, many homeowners can find themselves struggling to keep up with mortgage payments. The Butte County Housing Authority provides resources and counseling services to help residents explore options like loan modifications or deeds in lieu of foreclosure, potentially saving their homes from being repossessed.

Another significant issue is creditor harassment. Chico locals can find relief through the automatic stay that comes with filing for bankruptcy, which halts all collection actions and provides a much-needed respite from aggressive creditors. 

For those looking to rebuild their credit post-bankruptcy, the Chico branch of the California Department of Consumer Affairs offers workshops and resources on credit restoration. These programs are designed to help individuals understand how to improve their credit scores and manage their finances more effectively.

At The Law Office of Nikki Farris, we understand the unique challenges faced by Chico residents. Our team is dedicated to providing personalized legal support tailored to the specific needs of our community. Whether you're dealing with wage garnishment, repossessions, or the complexities of the means test, we are here to guide you every step of the way.

Contact our Chico firm today to learn more about how we can help you achieve financial freedom and get a fresh start.

Get a Fresh Start: Contact a Skilled Bankruptcy Lawyer

At The Law Office of Nikki Farris, we are a family run law firm that is committed to helping clients become debt free through bankruptcy and other debt resolution services that are offered. With our years of experience, we know there is a workable solution for every case and are dedicated to finding that solution and assisting you through the steps that must be completed. We can help to put an end to threats and lawsuits against you. Your success is our success and we are a compassionate team that is ready to work hard to help you pursue a path that will benefit you and your future.

For answers to your questions, solid legal advice and effective representation in bankruptcy and other debt resolution options, contact our Chico firm by calling (888) 325-1181 today.

Commonly Asked Questions

What are my rights against creditor harassment after filing for bankruptcy?

After filing for bankruptcy, you are protected by an automatic stay that prohibits creditors from contacting you or pursuing collection actions. This means that the intimidating phone calls and aggressive tactics must cease. Understanding your rights is crucial, and a legal representative can help ensure that creditors adhere to these legal boundaries, providing you with the peace of mind needed to focus on your financial recovery.

How soon can I start restoring my credit after filing for bankruptcy?

You can begin the process of credit restoration immediately after filing for bankruptcy. It's essential to start re-establishing credit as soon as possible, and there are strategies to help improve your credit score over time. Although your credit may be negatively impacted initially, with consistent effort and responsible financial behavior, you can rebuild your credit and work towards a stronger financial future.

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